Choosing Companies For A Commercial Landscape Contract

Property managers and owners turn to professional landscaping services to develop and maintain their outdoor green spaces. Choosing the ideal company to handle a Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Scotts Valley starts with looking at more than just the bottom line number on the proposal.

Ideally, when putting out the RFP (Request for Proposal), make sure to add the necessary details, so the company making a bid understands the full scope of what is requested. This includes the landscaped area, the types of landscaping features required as well as the ongoing maintenance requirements after the initial work is completed.

Assessing the Services Offered

With most RFPs, the writer is not a landscaping expert. Top services will typically respond to the RFP with a commercial landscape contract proposal which includes services the writer may have overlooked or not considered.

Not all services may be required, but in reviewing the contract proposals, there will be a common theme in what the top companies are adding over and above what the RFP may request. This will provide insight into the care and attention to detail the company offers.

Verifying Experience and Expertise

Most of the top companies responding to a Commercial Landscape Maintenance in Scotts Valley request will provide a short introduction or overview of their services. This will include information on their expertise and experience. Always take the time to follow up and verify this information. The majority of the information can be easily validated through a quick check online.

Investigating Company Reputation

Companies offering landscaping services with experience will be able to provide references for review. Take the time to contact these companies and businesses and get general feedback about their experience with the landscaper. If they are continuing to use the service for maintenance, this is also a great opportunity to ask about continued customer service and support. For more information visit

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