CBDA vs. CBD: Both Excellent, but CBDA Has the Raw Hemp Advantage!

by | Mar 29, 2024 | Business

It’s no secret that compounds from the cannabis plant known as cannabinoids or CBD have become very popular in the last few years. It’s easy to see why; CBD can raise your state of mind, help improve your mood, take away pain and uplift your consciousness. Many people enjoy microdose gummies to kick back and raise their vibe. There’s been lots of buzz about CBDA Vs. CBD, but do you know the difference? Keep reading for some eye-opening information.

Not Dried, Cured or Heated

CBDA is cannabidiolic acid found in raw cannabis flowers and the precursor to CBD. In other words, CBDA is raw hemp, and research is showing that it has potential health benefits comparable to CBD. However, CBDA is believed to be more effective because it delivers a higher absorption rate by the body than CBD.

New studies show that CBDA is excellent at reducing inflammation, and one newer study has found that the compound may lower cancer cell proliferation. Also, CBDA offers more therapeutic value, including nausea and pain relief.

Soft Gels, Most Convenient

You can find CBDA in capsules, tinctures, and topicals. Some fans of the compound even juice raw cannabis to get their dose of CBDA daily. The easiest way to indulge in some CBDA is by trying the soft gels when you shop online. These little black soft gels are easy to swallow and travel with you anywhere, and they provide you with awesome anxiety-busting and pain-reducing benefits.

You can also purchase CBDA in tincture form in a dropper bottle with 1000 mg. of unrefined hemp extract, sustainably sourced MCT Oil and terpenes.

Your favorite online shop has a great selection of hemp/CBD teas for sipping your way to well-being.

Is Raw Hemp the Future?

Suppose you’re still wondering about CBDA Vs. CBD, they’re a superb choice in cannabinoids. CBDA is powerful, fast acting and effective. You’re getting raw hemp, the real, unadulterated deal.

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