Car Leasing Gains In Popularity

Based on the numbers, car leasing is rapidly gaining in popularity. As of the last count, leasing represented almost a full quarter of all new car sales. This fact alone lends credence to an improving economy and a growth in consumer confidence. A car lease in Lockport at one time was only of interest to more affluent buyers, corporations and luxury car buyers; today, leasing is just as interesting to less affluent buyers and buyers of less expensive vehicles.

Leasing is no longer just for luxury vehicles:

In the not too distant past when one heard the term “leasing,” luxury vehicles immediately came to mind. Sure, leasing is still extremely popular in the luxury car sector but it is rapidly gaining popularity in a wider segment. In a recent five year stretch car leasing grew in all sectors; the most notable change has been in the small car market,; the number of leases jumped by almost 50 percent. Even more noticeable is the subcompact market where the lease share almost tripled.

Leasing is no longer just for the affluent:

Leasing always has appealed to older, more affluent car buyers and those who want to get more car for the money. This is changing as well, those that are turning to leasing are now younger and have a higher household income than typical car buyers.

From a market perspective point of view, the consensus is that leasing should continue it’s upwards trend. Because of the uptick in leasing, more cars will be coming off lease every year which of course simply drives leasing percentages up. As the US economy continues to improve more and more people will feel confident enough to take a car lease in Lockport. Couple these facts with a shift in the demographics and competitive monthly payments, there is no reason to believe that leasing rather than buying a new car has anywhere to go, other than up.

A car lease in Lockport is a sensible way to get behind the wheel of a new car for less money. To discuss the benefits of leasing a new Volkswagen you are invited to visit Hawk Volkswagen of Joliet

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