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Can an Athlete Get a Contact Lens Fitting in Boca Raton?

There are millions of sports fans in the US, and there are also millions with impaired vision. Whether a person is a pro athlete or playing in a weekend league, vision is an important part of on-the-field success. Advances in technology and a Contact Lens Fitting In Boca Raton helps athletes enjoy the unobstructed vision they need to be successful. Below are some other benefits of contact lenses, as well as some tips to keep athletes safe.

Contact Lenses Aren’t Affected by Environmental Factors

In most cases, contact lenses stay clear regardless of external conditions. It’s important to protect the eyes from the sun’s UV rays; patients should ask their optometrist about UV-blocking lenses. The more strenuous a sport is, the greater the chance of limitations posed by eyeglasses. Contact lenses provide a simple, maintenance-free way for athletes to see clearly.

Better Peripheral Vision

Athletes need peak performance from their entire bodies to be competitive, and the eyes are no exception. With a contact lens fitting, an athlete will enjoy better sports vision. They’ll lose the protective benefits of sports eyeglasses, but many contact lens wearers choose such protective gear when the situation requires it.

Lower Chance Of Injury

Contact lenses are highly compatible with safety equipment. Sports such as baseball, field hockey, soccer and tennis have high rates of eye injuries, and wearing glasses can put an athlete at risk during contact sports. While water activities are considered to be low-risk, athletes in these sports should consult with their optometrists before a contact lens fitting.

A child as young as seven can have a Contact Lens Fitting In Boca Raton, and be taught how to properly wear and care for lenses, but parents are strongly encouraged to monitor their children to ensure that the lenses are being worn and used correctly. Over 42,000 eye injuries occur during sporting events each year, and up to 90% of those injuries could be prevented. Regardless of whether an athlete wears glasses or contact lenses, it’s important to be safe. Contact lenses from Weareeyes.com can be a convenient addition to an athletic lifestyle, but wearers should consult an optometrist first to determine whether they’re a good fit.

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