Buying Guide for Picnic Tables

Your outdoors can be the perfect hangout spot. One way to improve your backyard or garden is to put in picnic tables to make room for all those Sunday brunches with the family. If you aren’t sure how to choose one, here are handy tips to follow:

Pick the right material

Shopping for outdoor furniture comes with specific challenges. For one, you’ll need to look for pieces that demonstrate great weather resistance, says This Old House. With several types of tables that fit that description, you won’t have a problem finding the one that best fits your budget and style.

Go for durable options

There are also picnic tables that come with pressure-treated wood. You can maintain the table’s durability with ease simply by getting a new finish applied every few years.

Ask about care and maintenance

Some tables require nothing more than regular cleaning while others might need a new finish now and then. Decide on how much time you want to spend on the care and maintenance of your furniture before you settle on a final choice for your picnic tables.

Consider the size

Got a lot of family and friends who regularly come over? Then go for bigger tables and benches. You and your loved ones will be happier for it. That way, there’s sure to be room for everyone and no one would have to squeeze into a tight fit. You could also consider buying more than one or two if you’ve got plenty of room in your yard.

Choose the style

You can go for basic or luxe options. Consider the style and personality of your home if you want those tables to fit in with the rest of your décor. That or you could go for something completely different so people feel like they’ve stepped into a different time and place whenever they get to your yard.

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