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Burglar Alarms In Louisville KY: The Why’s and How’s of Surveillance

In the past, getting a private surveillance system in your business was considered out of the range of most people’s budgets. Nowadays video recording systems, software and alarms are considerably cheaper than they were 15 years ago, opening this option to all those who have an interest in keeping their private possessions safe from intruders and thieves. In this article we run down the reasons to get a private surveillance system and how to choose such a system.

Why Surveillance?

One might have heard the phrase “can you put a price on safety?” before. There is a lot of truth to that statement. The main advantage of getting Burglar Alarms In Louisville KY is the ease of mind that comes with not having to worry about thieves and/or dangerous intruders damaging your property. Just like buying insurance, private surveillance adds a level of security if unexpected events occur. But the perks of surveillance are several.

Firstly, the audio/video recorders act as deterrent for intruders that do not want to be identified as well as providing invaluable evidence and clues to investigate break-ins and robberies. Secondly, with most modern systems one can monitor the house when away from a smartphone or tablet app. This can be very useful to keep tabs on babysitters and/or workers that are in the house without any other supervision.

How to Get Surveillance?

The prices for Burglar Alarms In Louisville KY cameras and equipment have gone down quite a bit, so one might be tempted to set up their own system. Unless the installer is very techno-savvy and experienced, this is not recommendable because it doesn’t guarantee the reliability of the system to weather, humidity or power shortages.

For the most part, black and white picture and medium resolution are good enough for most people, although higher picture image solutions are available. When it comes to hardware, closed circuit analog is cheaper and can record countless hours, while DVR is the preferred choice for storage.

In any case, it is best to invest in a professionally mounted system as one gets higher reliability and insurance by going with a company. One example of the type of company to look into is Sonitrol KY which offers a range of solutions for different types of areas and budgets.

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