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Brighten Your Landscape and Still Be Able to See the Stars at Night

Landscape illuminations lighting is more than merely aesthetic. Strategically placed illuminations lighting improves visibility at night, enhances overall safety and makes your landscape easier to navigate. Landscape lighting also contributes to light pollution. Here are several ways to illuminate your landscape for maximum beauty and efficiency without increasing light pollution.

Lighting That Brightens Without Blinding

Lighting is an essential component of modern life in cities and rural areas. That’s unquestionable, but old-fashioned lighting deployed 24/7 can disrupt sleep and the navigation patterns of animals. How to solve the problem? Dark Sky Friendly lighting, that’s how. What is Dark Sky Friendly lighting? Dark Sky Friendly lighting is a designated style of lighting that banishes all shadows from your immediate surroundings without producing excessive glare. It reduces light trespass and affords you the comfort of still being able to see the stars and the moon, critical celestial landmarks by which many species navigate.

Choices of Dark Sky Friendly Lighting

All the available forms of illuminations lighting come in Dark Sky Friendly versions. These versions are fast becoming the norm in the inner city and in country settings. Dark Sky Friendly versions of halogen and LED are at your disposal. This includes in-ground, above-ground, accent, all-purpose lamps and pathway lighting. Step lights, island lights, deck lights, floodlights, and spotlights are also available in Dark Sky Friendly editions. Newer iterations appear daily.

Narrowing Down Your Choices

Having made the decision to install Dark Sky Friendly landscape lighting, how to narrow down your choices? This is where selection gets subjective and fun. Use your own tastes as a benchmark, or follow the advice of a designer. Landscape lighting is as diverse, gorgeous and sturdy as any other design component. The major style categories when it comes to lighting include vintage or traditional, contemporary, modern and transitional. The plethora of styles provides an array of options that complement your personal style and custom design needs.

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