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Beyond The Basics With A LinkedIn Marketing Consultant

As a mid to large sized business owner, you understand the importance of reaching the greatest number of possible leads. However, you also are keenly aware of the danger of spending your time, energy and money on marketing to those that will never be customers or clients. If you find your staff spending too much time on ineffective social media marketing or generating only small number of qualified leads, a LinkedIn marketing consultant may be just the professional you need.

The sad reality is that most managers aren’t aware of what their sales department is doing online, and if the social media strategy you are using is uniformly implemented across all platforms. You may also not be aware of the benefits of using LinkedIn over other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, which is why a LinkedIn marketing consultant is so important.

Different Social Media Platforms

All social media platforms are not the same. While Facebook is by far the most used social media platform, it is also one of the lowest achieving platforms for B2B companies, which should give considerable pause to your current marketing plans.

In fact, most B2B companies spend far too much money and resources on Facebook and Twitter, which are more geared towards interaction and not as much about sales and professional networking.

On the other hand, a LinkedIn marketing consultant can provide you with information on the benefits of maximizing your LinkedIn presence to generate qualified leads, an important consideration in any business. Qualified leads are very different than just friends or followers; rather they are people and companies that would fall into your business target audience, creating a more robust customer base that is likely to engage with your staff and make a purchase.

Put Passivity Aside

One of the most common issues that a LinkedIn marketing consultant faces is the passive approach to social media marketing. In networking and social media platforms being interactive both with your target audience as well as new potential clients is always a critical factor.

In many situations, the LinkedIn marketing consultant may find that the company has a good overall corporate presence on the site and that the staff has at least the basic elements covered in their profiles.

However, they may not actively engaging their target audience, allowing other companies with insight, ideas and comments to take over the conversation. A LinkedIn marketing consultant can assist your staff in learning the fine art of engagement, allowing your company and professionals to be the go-to online resource for your target audience.

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