Benefits of HIM Coding Solutions

by | Nov 18, 2019 | HealthCare

Health information management (HIM) solutions are an important part of business processes and virtually any organization in the healthcare industry. Regulatory changes, the Affordable Care Act, and other medical requirements challenge reimbursements and the process of extracting value in many healthcare settings. Providers must pay very close attention to all documentation and coding accuracy to ensure reimbursements remain prompt and timely.

Medical coding’s importance goes far beyond collecting reimbursements. Tracking public health conditions rely on accurate coding. Furthermore, this affects the integrity of the Medicare Risk Adjustment program, important research, patient outcomes, and much more. It’s no surprise that HIM and coding departments within healthcare organizations experience a tremendous amount of financial performance pressure.

HIM Medical Coding

Highly accurate HIM medical coding is a key part to HIM Solutions and revenue cycles. If a facility uses outdated technology and limited teams to meet HIM Compliance objectives, it creates a difficult situation throughout the organization. Solutions such as GeBBS mitigate these situations by supporting health systems and physician groups with the proper technology and resources necessary to reduce risk and optimize reimbursements.

Benefits of HIM Solutions

When healthcare organizations consider partnering with HIM coding providers to improve quality and reimbursements, there are several factors to consider. First, the solutions provider must have stringent and consistent hiring, onboarding, training, and quality assurance processes. Providers that follow American Academy of Professional Coders guidelines and certifications give customers a peace of mind that solutions follow industry standards. Successful HIM medical coding providers also offer scalability so customers can meet growth goals while controlling costs.

GeBBS is a comprehensive HIM and HCC coding solutions provider that serves thousands of healthcare customers across the United States. GeBBS also performs coding valuation audits, clinical documentation improvement, and E/M calculator services.

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