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Beneficial Shade Trees For Sale in Austin

Planting trees in the yard or along the property line can increase the aesthetic value of any home, but choosing the right trees to add to a landscaped yard can also come with a host of other benefits. This is particularly true in Texas, where the sun is hot and the summer days are long. Finding Trees For Sale in Austin can provide much needed respite from the sun and even reduce household energy costs if placed correctly.

The best time to transplant trees is the fall. This is because the cooler temperature and rainfall ease their transition to their new home and give them time to establish themselves before the heat returns. Planting in the fall decreases chances of losing new trees to the stress of extreme heat and droughts. If providing shade is the primary intention of planting new growth, property owners have a few practical options to consider.

Elm trees, particularly cedar elms, are a drought tolerant species that will require less frequent watering. In addition, they are native to most areas of Texas. This means that in addition to providing much needed shade and a beautiful spattering of dark green leaves in the spring time, they also help to restore the habitat of many beneficial species of birds and other animals. These are relatively large trees, often growing up to 90 feet.

Looking for something a little smaller? Chinese pistaches are easy to maintain and heat tolerant. As the name implies they are not Texas natives, but this has the advantage of making them less prone to damage from local pests. Their growth typically maxes out at around 50 feet.

A variety of oak trees also fares well in Texas heat. Live oak provides a dense canopy and is well adapted to the clay heavy soils of the area. It provides wonderful shade and boasts a long life span, so residents will be able to enjoy it for years to come. Monterrey oak is a mid-size tree that grows up to 40 feet. Red oak is its larger counterpart; it can reach 120 feet at the height of its life, so it needs plenty of space. Ready to look for Trees For Sale in Austin? Alfaro Tree Sales specializes in large trees and boasts planting services in addition to their nursery.

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