Be a Responsible Owner: Dog Bites in Nassau County, NY

As the saying goes “never trust a smiling dog,” but how can you really tell if a dog is smiling? As a pet owner, you have a responsibility not just to keep your pet safe, but also to keep others safe from your pet. Knowing and understanding your dog’s temperament is an important component in making sure that your dog does not attack or injure someone. As a pet owner, you could be held legally liable for damage caused by your pet. You may face monetary fines, or even jail time, if you knowingly allow your pet into a situation where an attack or damage can occur. Dog bites in Nassau County NY area, are not something to trifle with.

While there may be some protection in cases where a bite occurs from someone breaking into or entering your home without your permission, or your dog is protecting you in the case of a violent attack, in most cases you can be sued for medical bills and other damages caused by your dog attacking someone. This can be something as grievous as an attack that involves Dog Bites or something as simple as your dog knocking someone to the ground in play.

Knowing the laws concerning dog bites in Nassau County NY, is an important part of keeping yourself on the right side of the law. If you know that your dog has a propensity to bite, or respond in a negative manner to certain situations, keeping your dog from those situations can prevent unwanted litigation. Keeping your dog securely leashed or under physical control can help prevent bites and, if you must take your dog out in public, the use of a muzzle can prevent accidents from happening.

In your own home, having proper safety measures in place, such as strong fencing and the use of inside gates, can keep guests and others who visit your home safe and keep you and your pet out of trouble. If a bite or attack should occur, quick documentation and legal representation can help ensure that any legal repercussions are kept to a minimum.

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