Basic Tips for Upholstery Cleaning in Cheyenne, WY

The upholstery on your furniture is likely to get very dirty over the passage of time. The sofas and the furniture sets will start looking very old and dirty if the upholstery is heavily stained. There are several important things that you need to keep in mind regarding upholstery cleaning in Cheyenne, WY. If you have just spilled a liquid on the upholstery or stained it in anyway, it’s important that you don’t try to rub out the stain. That will just cause it to spread further. Instead, use a clean wet cloth to blot it out. This will prevent the stain from spreading further and will keep it restricted to a smaller area. Here are some basic tips for upholstery cleaning to help you out.

Use a Vacuum

If you have dropped some powder on the upholstery and it’s gotten lodged in the fabric, you should consider using a vacuum instead of trying to pick individual grains out of the upholstery. A simple handheld vacuum is all it takes to remove all of the powder from the upholstery. Avoid using water as that will just cause the powder to dissolve.

Let a Professional Handle it

If it’s a really expensive furniture or a sofa set that you can’t risk getting damaged, you should let a professional handle the upholstery cleaning. You can visit us to set an appointment. We will send over a team to your place to clean the upholstery. They will use professional tools and cleaning agents that are designed to prevent any extra damage to your furniture. Depending upon the type of fabric, the cleaning materials and techniques used will vary, so it’s best if you let a professional handle the cleaning process.

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