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Bankruptcy in Schaumburg: Giving You Real Solutions

Are you one of the millions of people struggling with debt? Well, if you are, you are not alone. So many people find themselves buried by insurmountable debt and see no relief in sight. Debt can seem endless and never-ending, but there is help out there to end the defeating cycle of debt permanently and rather seamlessly.

Bankruptcy lawyers are definitely keeping busy and there is good reason for that. They are assisting an exceedingly increasing amount of individuals and families break the chains of debt once and for all. There are options available to decrease or completely eliminate financial debt. Bankruptcy attorneys, like at Bankruptcy in Schaumburg, can recommend the right plan for your unique situation and the road to financial freedom begins.

There are several different chapters in bankruptcy to consider and, depending on what state you reside in, you will need to determine which ones you are eligible for. The decision to apply for bankruptcy should be the absolute last option to consider and only pursued when there is no other choice available for you to consider to clear up the debt befallen you.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is sometimes called liquidation or fresh start. It allows you to have the slate wiped clean without losing anything. It is still good to have a lawyer when applying for this form of bankruptcy, since it is a slight chance some assets could be lost if you do not know the legal strategies to take.

Chapter 13 creates a plan to repay your debt down to an approved minimum amount. This is a form of debt consolidation where one monthly payment goes to your creditors until the debt is payed back.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is specifically for investors and large businesses. It is a form of repayment to the creditors to be paid the original full balance or a modified balance within a certain amount of time to appease all parties involved.

Prior to making a final decision, consulting with an attorney is advised. There is a solution to your debt woes but it needs to be a unique solution based on the individualistic needs of each client.


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