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Avoid AC Repairs In Bradenton, FL With Regular Maintenance

When the long hot days of summer arrive, it’s important that the air conditioner work at its full capacity. In hot climates the air conditioning may work most of the year at full speed, trying to keep up with the demands placed on it to keep the living areas comfortable and cool. Most people don’t give the air conditioner a second thought until there is a problem. When it stops working, it becomes quite apparent why it is so necessary for comfort. Regular preventative maintenance can help prevent unnecessary AC repairs in Bradenton FL by ensuring the unit is kept in good condition and running its best all year long.

Many air conditioning companies offer preventative maintenance plans. These plans usually allow two routine maintenance visits per year to ensure the unit is operating at its maximum efficiency. Most maintenance plans check the coils of the unit and clean and flush out the drain. The drain is often overlooked, leading to clogs, mold and mildew. It’s important that the drain is flowing freely. If not, water can back up causing damage inside the home.

The AC filter is usually replaced during routine maintenance. The filter stops the dust, dander, hair and any other debris in the home from reaching the actual unit. Unfortunately, when the filter does its job, it becomes clogged, causing a strain on the air conditioner unit and causing it to work harder. Replacing the filter allows for free flowing air circulation which helps the unit become more efficient and cost effective. It’s usually recommended to check all connections and hoses during routine maintenance to avoid unnecessary air conditioning down time.

Many people feel that they’ll take care of their own air conditioning maintenance. Though that may be a noble thought, life can be busy and the best intentions can become overlooked. When this happens, the unit may be neglected and begin to run poorly. Hiring a company that offers maintenance and ac repairs in Bradenton FL, ensures the unit will run its best all year long. This will extend the life of the unit and improve its efficiency, saving much time and money.

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