Authentic Italian Dining May Be Recommended for Seafood Restaurants near Southwest Ranches

When a tourist is looking for Seafood Restaurants near Southwest Ranches, this person might be surprised to hear a recommendation for an Italian restaurant in the area. Authentic Italian cuisine features plentiful seafood choices, however, since so much of this long, narrow country is bordered by water. Fish, shrimp, crab, lobster and other foods from the sea are included in salads, appetizers and pasta dishes. Seafood can be ordered as a main course and as a topping on pizza.

Authentic Italian Cuisine

Some men and women look for a seafood restaurant in this region because they want to enjoy the fresh fish and other delights from the ocean. They also may prefer a healthier diet, making them feel a little skeptical about Italian restaurants. They have an image of this cuisine as always being laden with giant plates of pasta and sauce, perhaps with a side of Italian sausage. Although those dishes certainly can be ordered from the menu, there is so much more to authentic Italian cuisine than this.

Cutting Calories and Eating Healthy

Even pasta lovers can cut calories and choose healthy yet delicious meals at Seafood Restaurants near Southwest Ranches. Selecting marinara or pesto sauce instead of Alfredo or cream is one way to accomplish this goal. Eating a big salad before dinner reduces appetite so the customer won’t be inclined to overeat. Of course, it’s best if this person is staying in lodging with a refrigerator and microwave so the leftovers can be brought back there and eaten the next day.

The Mediterranean Diet

People who are hesitant to go to an Italian restaurant for healthy food should remember that the cuisine is classified as part of the Mediterranean diet. A large amount of research confirms that the style of eating in countries bordering this sea is connected with many positive health aspects.

At a dining establishment like Tarantella Ristorante & Pizzeria, numerous items on the menu include seafood for the customers who love these ingredients. Shrimp with garlic and tomatoes as an appetizer is a start. After a green salad, Tuscan salmon as an entree or the fish of the day are excellent possibilities. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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