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Arrested? Call a Bail Bond Company in Midwest City, Oklahoma

It is very upsetting for a spouse or parent to get a phone call that a person has been arrested. If it’s the first time for such a call, they will have to rush to find a defense attorney who will appear at the arraignment and bail hearing. If the judge decides that bail is appropriate, then they will have to find a Bail Bond Midwest City Oklahoma service to post the bail.

Bail is a promise that the defendant will appear in court whenever necessary. If they fail to appear, then the Bail Bond could be forfeited. Generally the Bail Bond Midwest City Oklahoma company is given some time to find the person and return them to custody. For this reason a bail bondsman is assigned to each defendant. They make sure that the defendant is aware of all of their court dates. They even go to court with them to make sure that they are there.

Bail bond companies make money by charging a fee. Usually it is a percentage of the total bail amount. Most Bail Bond Midwest City Oklahoma companies take checks, credit cards and cash. While the percentage might vary slightly among bail bond companies, defendants shouldn’t pick a bail bond company on the fee. They should look at the services provided and professionalism of the bail bond company.

The defendant should be treated with courtesy and respect at all times. Since the Bail Bond Midwest City Oklahoma employee sees so many hearings and trials, they may even be able to give the defendant some perspective and emotional support during the process.

The bail bond applicant is required to fill out a detailed application. If they do fail to appear in court, the information on the application is used to find them. All information has to be filled out fully and honestly. Failure to do this is a felony and can result in bail being revoked. They have to give their full name and any aliases or street names they use and address. They also have to provide the name and addresses of close friends and family members.
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