Septic Tanks

Are You Overdue For A Septic Tank Inspection in Magnolia TX?

A homeowner who doesn’t get a regular Septic Tank Inspection in Magnolia TX is just asking for trouble. Since septic tanks are out of sight, they are often out of mind. Homeowner just forget that they have septic tanks until there are problems. In some instances, homeowners don’t even know they have septic tanks until plumbers tell them.

Be Gentle

Taking care of a septic system involves more than getting a Septic Tank Inspection in Magnolia TX. It means being responsible when using any plumbing that is connected to the tank. Unfortunately, some people just get too reckless with their septic systems. Households with children are especially at risk because it is hard to watch kids and what they do with plumbing. A child could be constantly flushing paper towels down the toilet and a parent won’t know until there are septic tank issues.

Using Plumbing The Right Way

Unless a homeowner wants to get on a first-name basis with employees of a company like Texas Pride Septic, they should learn how to correctly use their plumbing. It starts with the drains. Keeping harmful things out of drains is important. Grease and oil can wreak havoc on plumbing and septic tanks. It’s better to dump grease and oil in the garbage than down drains. Paper towels can be utilized to thoroughly wipe down dishes before they are placed into any sinks. Flushing tampons, paper towels, diapers, or any other non-biodegradable item down a toilet should be strictly prohibited.

Signs Of Trouble

Even if a septic tank gets the best care in the world, problems can arise. Damp areas in a yard can indicate there is a problem with the tank. If an area is damp even if it hasn’t rained in weeks, there is probably a problem with a pipe or the septic tank. A foul odor that smells like raw sewage is usually a sign that there is something wrong with the septic tank. The odor can come from drains and might also be present in the basement or yard.

Tanks should usually be serviced every three to five years. There are variables to consider such as household size, the condition of the tank, and the last service date. You can also connect with them on Twitter.

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