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Are Digital Copiers the Best Choice

If your office still has an older model copy machine, it could be using analog technology. However, today’s new machines are digital, and they offer a wide range of benefits over the old analog machines. Let’s make a quick comparison and examine some of the many good things about digital copiers.

Analog Copying

An analog machine projects document and image copies to a drum. This is done with a mirror. The toner is attracted to the copy by static electricity, and this gradually forms the image. It’s then heated and dried, and you have your duplicated document.

Digital Technology

Digital copiers have computerized equipment which digitally scans images and saves them to a memory device. The copy is impressed upon a drum with laser technology, and then it applies toner to create a clear and precise image on paper. Once you have a digital copy, you can save it to a computer hard drive or other devices.

A digital copy is better than a paper copy because you can store it on any memory device. You may also send them via email or fax, and it is the perfect medium for making backup copies of important data and documents. If you need to create four or five copies, it’s very easy to duplicate them digitally, and each copy will be a perfect clone of the original.


Digital copiers can create higher quality copies than their analog counterparts. In fact, the difference can be dramatic.


Thanks to modern multifunction machines, you can buy one machine that copies, prints, scans, faxes, and emails. This can save a lot of money on office space and energy.


A digital machine is faster, and your staff won’t have to wait long to use the copy machine. This increases office efficiency and productivity, and a multifunction machine takes up little space.

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