An Emergency Veterinary Clinic when you need it

You love your pet, but he can get himself into trouble at the most inopportune times when most veterinary clinics are closed… like at 3am after he ate a sock and could now have an obstruction, or on weekends after he jumped and caught that Frisbee but landed wrong and injured his leg. Luckily, you have access to a 24-hour emergency hospital with veterinarians who specialize in certain critical issues from cardiology and oncology, to neurology and dermatology. Being able to take your furry friend to a specialized vet means you are going to get the treatment you need from a vet who has years of education and experience in it.

Specialized Neurosurgery

This is the branch of veterinary medicine that focuses on diseases and injuries to the brain or spinal cord. Sometimes a pet can suffer neurological injuries from a fall or by being struck by a vehicle, or they can have a genetic disease that is slowly causing issues in those areas such as cancer. Vets specializing in neurosurgery can evaluate and diagnose a wide range of diseases that may be affecting the brain or spine, and can pinpoint the exact areas an injury may have occurred and treat it accordingly.

Why a Specialized Vet?

General clinics are great for average care such as routine shots, minor injuries, spaying and neutering and other more common procedures. But sometimes your pet can get injured or has an existing disease which is beyond the education of the general veterinarian. That’s where the specialized vets of an emergency hospital come in. They have focused on certain areas of animal health, so they can dedicate all of their learning to that area instead of trying to know everything about all areas. This means if your dog has a severe heart issue, he can go to a cardiologist who has experience in that issue and can treat it effectively.

Accidents Happen, but Specialized Care is Available

You’re walking your dog on the sidewalk alongside a busy street when an obnoxiously loud motorcycle zooms by scaring him. He bolts and his leash gets yanked from your hand. He runs into traffic and is struck and injured by a car. This heart breaking scenario could happen to anyone, but your first thought should be getting your dog to an emergency veterinary hospital. Finding vets that specialize in vehicular trauma means your best friend will have the greatest chance for a quick and full recovery.

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