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Advantages of USPS Mailing Software

USPS mailing softwareSPS mailing software is accessible by any business that sends mail around the country or the world. The mailing software is easy to use and the system guides the user through the entire process. The process begins with the software collecting necessary address information and data from the package. It then generates an appropriate mailing label which is printed from your network printer. It also generates postage statements and documentation, as well as preparing international mailing that must be in compliance with any export screening.

The USPS mailing Software operates via a ‘Windows’ client installed onto any spec-ready computer. Businesses can also access the USPS mailing software via the Global Shipping Software website. You must run the software on a computer that has later versions of Windows, such as XP, Vista and Windows 7 or 8. You should also have Internet Explorer 6 or later installed. The printer you use for labels should be capable of generating 4″x6″ inch labels and it should also have a constant Internet connection.
Businesses can eliminate the need for human data entry because the USPS software can electronically enter the package details. Package ID—identification–numbers and tracking numbers are automatically generated by the software and can be printed or tracked on the USPS website. Mailing labels, sized 4″x6″ inches are automatically generated, as are any customer forms that must be shipped along with the package.


The advantages of the USPS mailing software become clear almost as soon as any business begins using it. Not only does it save man hours in terms of data entry, but it also generates all the documentation and forms needing to completely process and send a package, letter or parcel through the mail. The features of the mailing software also make sorting easier. All mailing options are available, including options for domestic mailing services, special mailing services and international mailing services. If your business is a subsidiary of a postal service but not connected to the USPS you can access the software on your system to process parcels, letters and packages that your own customers bring to you to send. You are also able to offer the flat rate, insured mail, certified mail, and registered mail sending options in the special services category.

High volume users can benefit the most from the mailing software because it takes all the pressure away from handling and processing each individual package by hand. This cuts down the manpower needed to process mail and send it out faster and more efficiently that previously. Because everything is done by the system, it allows you more time to spend actually doing your business, rather than concentrating on something that can be done using the USPS mailing software.

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