Advanced Medical Imaging Services in the New York Metropolitan Area

What is PET Imaging?

Positron emission tomography is one of the most sophisticated medical imaging techniques on the current market worldwide. This type of innovative technology is heavily used in hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities that specialize in cardiology and other related fields. If you suffer from some type of cardiovascular disease, you might be referred for cardiac Pet in New York and the surrounding metropolitan area. The procedure will thoroughly analyze your metabolic processes, blood content and other metrics that indicate the presence or extent of heart disease. Medical experts generally use several types of radiotracers for modern PET scans, including Rubidium-82 and Nitrogen-13. Such compounds accurately diagnose blocked arteries and other problems with the blood vessels throughout your entire body. Your primary care physician and cardiologist should receive copies of the most recent PET scans for proper treatment in the future.

Mobile PET Services

The demand for cardiovascular care has been increasing at fast rates throughout the United States in recent decades. Some major cities in the USA don’t have sufficient on-site facilities for conducting advanced medical imaging. Fortunately, mobile cardiac PET in New York services is readily available from certified providers. Such companies essentially install, test, and operate the advanced machines and other equipment for conducting the appropriate imaging at cardiovascular care facilities. Some Cardiac PET in New York programs is available for short-term deployment during specific seasons that are correlated with a spike in visits from patients.

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