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A Personal Injury Attorney in Rocklin, CA Will Fight for You

Most people don’t realize that an attorney will actually visit their homes just to consult them about the injuries received due to someone who was negligent. Many people also don’t realize that their initial consultation won’t cost them anything at all. To a person who is distraught and unable to think of what they should do, these are two very important facts they need to realize. Not having to worry about coming up with money at a time when there is none is certainly a blessing, and being able to converse with a knowledgeable professional that wants to help is another blessing.

Being injured and hurting is not the way a person wants to live the rest of their life. Being broke because they can no longer work is something an attorney is going to help with immensely. Think about having every medical bill paid and making the person who has hurt you and your family pay for their negligence. Suing a person is intimidating to the injured person in their weakened state, but it’s not intimidating to the attorney. When a personal injury attorney in Rocklin, CA accepts a case, they dedicate themselves to obtaining police records, witness statements, ambulance reports, as well as hospital and other medical facility reports.

Lawyers Sevey Donahue and Talcott are the type of attorneys who are ready to win client’s cases. Many attorneys have a reputation for being very assertive in court and insurance companies realize this, so if they can get a client to sign papers accepting a smaller settlement than an attorney can win in court and without the attorney’s knowledge, they will. The personal injury attorney in Rocklin, CA will advise clients never to sign any paper from an insurance company without them being right there, because he or she can win a much higher monetary compensation by winning a case, whether in or out of court.

Many clients feel that in a few short months they’ll feel better, walk better and be able to go back to work, so they don’t want to sue. While often true, however, there are any number of ailments that can set into the body because of the injury, whether from an auto accident or a dog bite. It’s much better to hire an attorney early, while everything is fresh and clear in the minds of everyone involved.

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