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A Major Heat Pump Repair in Davenport, FL Can Be Prevented

If you live in a climate with moderate cooling or heating needs, then a heat pump is an energy-efficient option to an air conditioner or furnace. A major heat pump repair in Davenport, FL can be prevented if the heat pump system is regularly checked.

How a Heat Pump Works

Like a refrigerator, a heat pump uses electricity to move the heat from a cool area to a warm space, thereby making a warm space cooler and a cool area warmer. A heat pump transfers heat from the outdoors to warm a cold indoor environment, and they can also be reversed to transfer out heat from inside to keep a home cool during warmer weather.

Because a heat pump moves heat rather than generates it, it can supply equivalent space conditioning for a much lower cost than traditional cooling or heating appliances. When it comes to maintenance and heat pump repair, heat pump technicians work on three types of appliances. Heat pumps are available as air-to-air devices as well as geothermal and water source appliances. The pumps collect heat from the water, air, or ground outside the home and condense it for inside use.

The Air-source Heat Pump

The most common kind of heat pump is an air-source heat pump, which directs heat between a home and the outside air. That is why regular maintenance is important to prevent a major heat pump repair as the device can lower electric usage by around 50%. You can check out Polk Air Conditioning & Heating in Davenport FL to obtain further details and contact them for more information.

Heat pumps that are categorized as high-efficiency devices also do a better job of dehumidification than standard air conditioning units. In turn, the homeowner enjoys a lower energy bill and a cooler home in the summer months. For homes that do not have ducts, the air-source pumps are featured in a ductless model called a mini-split heat pump.

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