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A Happy Dog Is A Healthy Dog

Anyone who has a dog for a pet will know that there are a number of things that must be done to ensure the animal’s wellness. For a dog to enjoy a long, happy life it must get proper nutrition, plenty of exercise and annual trips to the dog hospital in Chicago for a check-up, any vaccinations that are deemed necessary as well as booster shots. It is a must for any dog owner to have a veterinarian that they can turn to in the event their pet is injured or becomes ill.

Nutrition and exercise are musts if you want your dog to be healthy, making and keeping appointments with the vet is perhaps the most important. Not only does a skilled veterinarian have the knowledge and skills to treat any canine diseases or disorders, the vet can provide guidance to the animal’s owner in the best ways to care for it. It is the owner’s decision as to how frequently they will take their dog to the animal hospital in Chicago but it is advisable that this be done at least once a year.

A dog is prone to various canine diseases, for this reason it is of vital importance that vaccinations are kept up to date and current. A vet knows that over vaccinating a dog can be as bad as not vaccinating it at all. The usual routine is to give the dog its first vaccination when it is still a puppy, once the dog reaches one year, a booster is required. Once the first and second vaccinations have been done it usually requires doing again on three year cycles. Not all vaccinations are considered as core or mandatory for the dog’s well being, there are a number of vaccinations available and it is the owner’s responsibility to discuss the need with the veterinarian.

A dog is not much different than its owner when it comes to getting sick. If the animal begins to exhibit strange behavior it is a good idea to take it to the animal hospital in Chicago for an examination and treatment. A dog has no way of communicating effectively, it is important that the owner keep a close eye on the dog’s behavior, any change from what is considered normal is often a sign that the dog is in distress. Look out for such things as signs of lethargy, a refusal to eat or a change in its normal disposition.

Metropolitan Veterinary Center is an animal hospital in Chicago. Knowing many people are not free to bring in their pet during the day, the hospital is open seven days a week from 7 am to 10pm. Browse their website.

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