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A Furnace and Central Air System Work Together After Installation by an HVAC Company in Omaha, NE

When a homeowner plans to get a new furnace within the next several months, that’s also a smart time to get a central air conditioning unit if the family wanted one. Having both installed at the same time saves money over having them installed separately. The home won’t need additional ducts, as the central air uses the same ducts and vents as the furnace does. It also shares the air exchanger with the furnace. An HVAC Company in Omaha NE is ready to remove the old furnace and install new energy-efficient equipment at any time.

After the central air unit is in place, the homeowner should still have the system cleaned and inspected once a year, which usually is done before the heating season is in full swing. The main consideration probably will be to change the air filter at some point during the summer instead of only during the months when the furnace runs. Someone in the family might check the filter on the last day of every month to evaluate whether it’s time to put in a new one. It’s convenient to buy several filters at one time and to always have at least one extra on hand. That way, there’s no delay when the filter needs changing.

After getting a central air system from a company such as Accurate Heating & Cooling, the family should still run their ceiling fans and floor fans as they usually would during warm and hot weather. The breeze effect makes the air feel cooler and allows them to keep the thermostat set higher, saving money on utility bills. Now, however, they won’t have to endure those sweltering days when a room air conditioner simply isn’t effective at cooling a large part of the house. Anyone interested in a new central air unit to be installed with a new furnace may Browse the website for details.

With a central air system from an HVAC Company in Omaha NE, everyone enjoys the refreshing air from vents throughout the building. That’s true even if they’re in rooms far from where the unit is located. Technicians place the central air condenser as close to the furnace location as possible but, because the system pushes air through ducts, far-off rooms still stay cool.

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