A Few Important Things You Should Know About Disability Benefits

Disability is an important benefit that you are entitled to under certain circumstances. If you can no longer work for a variety of reasons, you may be eligible for this form of income. However, there are a few things to be aware of. First, if you are injured on the job, you should apply for workers’ compensation benefits. If you weren’t hurt on the job or you have a medical issue that has developed to the point where you can’t work anymore, you should look at disability. The following are a few things you should understand.

You Must Have Paid Into the System

Disability is part of the Social Security system. This means that it is an entitlement benefit to those who had payments deducted from their paychecks or those who were self-employed and paid self-employment taxes. There are also specific minimum standards for the hours worked.

You Must Have Been Disabled for a Year

Being injured and unable to work is not enough. Your disability must be for at least a year or is expected to last at least a year. If the time period of your limitation is less than a year, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits, but you will not be able to collect disability benefits. Although your disability is not something that needs to be such that you can’t work for the rest of your life, it must keep you away from working for a year or more.

If your application for disability is rejected, you have the right to an appeal. However, you should contact a Social Security law firm in Knoxville to make sure your appeal is done correctly. The chances of a reversal on appeal are good, but only if you use an attorney. It is a good idea to have a Social Security law firm in Knoxville help you apply the first time so that ejection is less likely.

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