A Drug Crime Lawyer in Pasadena, CA Can Help Non-Violent Offenders

A drug crime lawyer in Pasadena, CA can work to help a non-violent offender avoid prison time. There are several people who believe that placing non-violent offenders in prison for drug crimes is counterproductive. Although the drug laws in the country do seem to be slowly changing, lawyers are still needed by drug offenders to avoid stiff sentences.

Knowing the Laws

If a person is going to use drugs, they should know the laws. A drug crime lawyer in Pasadena, CA can help a person after an arrest, but it’s good to avoid arrest in the first place. An individual who is using marijuana might not be violating any laws until they carry too much on them. They might make the mistake of thinking that they can smoke marijuana in public without getting in trouble.

When Can a Person Refuse a Search?

Some people end up with drug cases simply because they didn’t refuse searches. For example, during a traffic stop law enforcement might ask a driver if the vehicle can be searched, a driver might allow the search to happen even though they don’t want to. A driver can refuse a search when asked. Anyone who has been charged with a serious drug crime can contact us.


To avoid prison time, a defendant might wish to seek treatment without the court ordering it. The judge in the case might see volunteering to get treatment as a huge step in a person’s life. Volunteering to get help usually looks like a sincere attempt to make a change.

A Plea Deal

Another tool that is used to avoid prison time is to strike a plea deal with the prosecution. A defendant’s lawyer can argue for probation, community service, or a fine. A prosecutor might be inclined to accept a reasonable plea offer if it is the defendant’s first offense and it isn’t a violent crime. A repeat offender can have a hard time getting a favorable plea deal even if they are in front of the court for non-violent drug crimes.

Anyone who is facing a serious charge should seek out the help of a lawyer to argue their case.

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