A Deportation Attorney in Columbus OH can Help you Determine Why You’re Being Forced to Leave the Country

The United States government can force immigrants out of the country for over fifty reasons. ICE (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement) has the legal authority to deport non-US citizens, including people with legal permanent resident status. In this brief guide, you will find the three categories under which most deportations are ordered.

Commission of a Crime

Criminal convictions are the reason behind most deportations. A felony involving violence or the use of a weapon is automatic grounds for removal from the US, and even a domestic battery conviction can get you deported. If you are not a US citizen, you’re unlikely to be released when your sentence is over, as ICE can delay the release and keep you in prison until your immigration case is decided.

General Misconduct

In the strictest sense, ICE may deport non-citizens for poor conduct. This can include things such as alcohol or drug addiction, and misdemeanors such as breach of the peace. Such grounds are difficult for ICE to document, and non-citizens have an easier time contesting these charges than they do with criminal convictions. Parties can bring witnesses to attest to their overall good character, despite their past mistakes.

Clerical Errors

Paperwork mistakes and violations are yet another common reason for a non-citizen to be deported. If you received your green card by marrying a US citizen, and ICE can show that the marriage is fake, you can be deported. If your green card is not legitimate, you can be forced from the country. If you don’t renew your visa, you can be removed as well.

Your Choices

ICE does not have the final word on deportation; you have the right to hire a Deportation Attorney In Columbus OH and you have the right to defend yourself in court. For instance, you can ask for an excludability waiver if the deportation would cause your family undue hardship. This defense is not usually successful in cases involving felony convictions -; even if you stop the proceedings, you may never be allowed to apply for a green card.

Hiring an Immigration Lawyer for Help

US immigration laws are very complex, and there are numerous reasons for deportation. The facts of your case are unlike those of any other, and the advice given here is not meant to replace effective legal counsel. For help specific to your case’s circumstances, it is best to call a Deportation Attorney In Columbus OH. For more details visit

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