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A Dentist Provides Botox Injections in Philadelphia for Smile Enhancement

Many people don’t realize that dentists are qualified to provide Botox in Philadelphia. This is a natural fit in several ways, especially because dentists want to enhance patient smiles. Men and women can look more youthful with teeth whitening service along with Botox injections to minimize wrinkles above and on the lips.

Causes of Lip Lines

Noticeable lines in this part of the face are often connected with years of smoking, but nonsmokers can develop lines here as well. The most common cause is too much sun exposure over time. Genetics has a role too, making some individuals more likely to have the problem. Lines on and over the lips can add years to a person’s face.

Botox Treatment for the Smile

Botox in Philadelphia dramatically reduces these skin flaws. The substance works by relaxing the muscles under the skin. This also makes the lips look a bit fuller, considered an appearance-enhancing effect. The result is subtler than when people have dermal fillers injected into the lips.

Some individuals have an overactive muscle in the lower part of the face that pulls the mouth corners down slightly. The person tends to look like he or she is frowning, sad or annoyed. Smiling can overcome that impression, but people don’t smile all the time. The dentist can inject Botox into those muscles, allowing the mouth to rest normally and the corners to rise.

Anyone interested in seeing a dentist for Botox and other improvements for the smile may begin with the website

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