A Child Adoption Attorney in De Pere, WI Can Protect Parents’ Rights

It is an exciting and joyous occasion to welcome a child into the home, but the process can be confusing and lengthy if a couple or individual decides to adopt a child. Before states allow adoptions, potential parents must meet their standards. In this article there is a short overview of the rules on adoptive parents.

General Requirements for Adoption

Typically, any married couple or single adult can adopt a child, stepparents may adopt the biological child of a spouse, and some jurisdictions allow married couples to adopt singly if there is a legal separation between spouses, or if one spouse is incompetent. Still, in other areas, rules are open to interpretation.

Age Limits

Most jurisdictions set the age limit for adoption at eighteen, but others set it higher at 21 or even 25. In some circumstances, minors can adopt, but other areas require adoptive parents to be more than a certain amount older than the adoptive child. An adoption lawyer in Wisconsin can tell parents about the state’s rules and regulations.

Residency Restrictions

Certain places require state residency for a person to be eligible to adopt. The law defines legal residence as the location of a person’s primary, permanent home, and depending on the area, residency requirements range from two months to one year. However, certain limited exceptions exist, and a child adoption attorney in De Pere, WI can advise Wisconsin residents on those exceptions.

Adoptions by Same-Sex Parents

Wisconsin’s lawmakers are largely silent on same-sex adoption issues. As of the time of this writing, only two states (MS and FL) prohibit same-sex adoptions. Some laws can be interpreted as preventing gay adoptions because the issues continue to be controversial. For more guidance on Wisconsin’s adoption process and eligibility requirements, clients should contact Brabazon law office LLC.

Adoption can be a celebration of an expanding family, but the process can be complex. State laws on who can adopt or be adopted, and rules on adoption methods require careful adherence and evaluation. A child adoption attorney in De Pere, WI can help clients learn about state law, and they can protect their rights throughout the process.

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