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5 Tips on How to Hire Commercial Cleaning Services

With plenty of horror stories out there of incompetent cleaners making a mess of your desk or damaging vital office equipment, it’s essential to look for trustworthy commercial cleaning services in Westfield NJ for your property cleaning contracts. Here are top tips to help you find the right crew.

Ask about the company’s hiring practices
It’s important that you allow access only to a trustworthy cleaning crew. That’s one way to protect your people and property. To make sure that’s the case, ask about the company’s hiring practices. Do they perform background checks? The last thing you want is to hire cleaners who show too much interest in your office equipment.

Find out if they’re insured
Whether they’re cleaning your floors or windows, it’s smart and practical to hire pros who are insured and bonded. Don’t just take the company’s word for it, though. Ask for proof of insurance before you consider choosing a company for the commercial cleaning services they offer in Westfield NJ.

Find out if they bring their own supplies
Cleaning pros often bring their own tools and supplies to every job. That helps a lot. You won’t have to worry about stocking up on tools and equipment. You can leave all that to your cleaning crew.

Read the fine print
Don’t make the mistake of skipping over a few of those terms and conditions. Know what you’re signing up for by reading the fine print. If there are any conditions you don’t understand, don’t be afraid to ask for clarifications and help.

Look for customized cleaning options
One-size-fits-all approaches rarely work. SERVPRO of Central Union County offers cleaning solutions custom-made to address the specific needs of your organization and team. That’s the best kind of cleaning service you can find.

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