5 Things a Family Lawyer in Bremerton WA May Not Tell the Client

Divorce attorneys are usually willing to offer advice against arguing in front of the children, and they will tell clients to obey the judge’s orders and make copies of all paperwork. However, a divorce attorney will not tell some things to a client. Below are several truths a Family Lawyer in Bremerton Wa may not disclose.

Divorce Should be Treated Like an Endurance Race

Regardless of how amicable a couple wants to make things, the case will not go from beginning to end in a few weeks or even a few months. In some cases, divorce can take years. It is a process, and pressuring the couple to go through it quickly just does not work. Forcing the issue can make clients more stressed out than they already are.

Parents Should Get Along for the Kids

Numerous studies show that children of divorced parents are particularly vulnerable to the damage inflicted by parental conflict. Even when parents make an effort to hide the strife, kids can see, feel and hear it. Parents should find ways to get along and work together, especially on issues concerning the children.

Talking to the Other Spouse Can Get Things Done Cheaper and Faster

Many attorneys advise clients not to talk to the other spouse during divorce, and if such talks invariably result in conflict, the advice makes sense. However, if spouses can have a civil, productive conversation, they are likely to be able to resolve issues faster and less expensively than if they were forced to take every issue to court.

Clients Will Not Get to Tell the Judge Their Side of the Story

Even if a divorce goes to court, there are firm rules on the presentation of evidence. Clients will never get the opportunity to tell the judge their version of the story. While divorce can be cathartic to some, clients should find a therapist if they feel a pressing need to get things out in the open.

Divorce is Unfair

Life is unfair, and divorce can be as well. Clients of a Family Lawyer in Bremerton Wa can complain, fight and get depressed, but nothing changes the facts. At some point, the client must accept the divorce, make their peace with it and move on with life. Staying angry or being a lifelong victim will not change what happened, and it can have negative effects on the entire family.

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