5 Suggestions to Hiring a Child Support Attorney for Your Case

Hiring a child support attorney is a huge step. If hiring one is the best legal recourse for you, take the time to hire the right one. Read on for suggestions on how to make sure you achieve this goal:

Go local

Start your search small. Look for ones near you. Consulting with a lawyer is easier when you don’t have to drive for an hour or more if you need to talk about the case.

Check the basics

Hire a child support attorney who’s licensed in your state. If your spouse lives in another state, that’s going to involve an interstate child custody case and you’ll need a lawyer who knows how to handle that, says The Spruce.

Ask questions

Experience matters. Ask your lawyer about his/her experience. How long has your lawyer been practicing law? Has your lawyer ever handled any legal cases like yours? What kind of specialization does your lawyer have? All these questions can help you figure out if you’ve got the right lawyer or not. Does your lawyer have a reputation for successfully settling cases in court?

Dig deeper

Once you get the basics out of the way, ask the lawyer how she handles child custody cases. Then talk about the case. Now’s a good time to ask anything you want: What kind of resolution do you expect? What problems might come up that could affect my chances of getting a favorable outcome in court? What other legal options do I have? Think long and hard about these questions since these can influence the decisions that would affect your family.

Determine availability

Some lawyers might have too many cases on their plate that they might not be able to devote the proper time, energy and attention to your case. Make sure that’s not the case.

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