5 Advantages of Corporate Monthly Rentals in San Diego

A business trip can get expensive, especially if it’s a long-term business trip requiring a long stay out of town. Finding monthly rentals in San Diego can have several advantages over a hotel. Here are just five reasons renting a furnished apartment on a monthly basis is advantageous.

Lots More Space

Hotel rooms average about 400 square feet. This can feel much smaller, depending on the size of the furnishings. There’s not much room to stretch out, entertain or even put all your clothing away. Monthly rentals in San Diego have about double or triple the space.

Benefits of a Full-Sized Kitchen

Fully furnished rental apartments provide full size, fully stocked kitchens. Food costs can be greatly reduced by cooking your own food.This can make managing food allergies or preferences easier.

Relax in a Comfortable Setting

Hotels are often located near high-traffic areas like business districts or airports. This ends up with a frequent guest turnover. Monthly rentals in San Diego are centrally located in communities. This makes for a much more comfortable environment for travelers.

Enjoy Separate Areas

Hotels are typically just a single large room with a living area and a sleeping area. If you have a roommate or need some separate space, you won’t have much success. A corporate apartment offers separate areas for sleeping, eating and relaxing.

Save More Money

Many people think hotels are less expensive than an apartment. However, staying in a hotel for longer than two to three weeks can often be more costly than a monthly rental. Travelers can save money for parking, hotel taxes and additional fees, as well as eating out. A corporate, furnished apartment can be much less expensive than other options.

Looking for a corporate rental solution? Visit the Foxwood Apartments website to learn more about monthly rentals in San Diego.

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