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4 Signs You Need to Go into Alcohol Rehab

There are about 88,000 people who die of alcohol-related causes every year. It’s third on the list of preventable causes of death in the U.S., says the NIH, with tobacco being first on the list and poor diet as well as lack of physical activity being third.

Don’t think you’re addicted? Here are sign that say otherwise:

You’ve driven under the influence

If you’ve ever driven while drunk, then that could be more than mere carelessness. It could be a sign of addiction. You already know sliding behind the wheel and getting on the road while drunk could lead to an accident. If you still went ahead and you couldn’t seem to stop yourself, that’s a sign that the addiction has started.

Your friends and family are talking to you about it

If friends and family have come up to you and told you you’ve got a drinking problem and to stop drinking, then that’s another indication that you’re now addicted. It might be harder for you to realize the truth but if your loved ones are starting to get concerned, then you know the problem is getting worse. Finding an alcohol rehab in Sacramento is a good way to get started on getting the treatment and help you need.

You’re living with the consequences

If you’re now on parole or probation for actions you’ve committed while you were drunk, then that’s also a major red flag. At this point, you know there’s a problem even if you try hard to deny it. Don’t wait until you find yourself doing time because of your alcohol addiction.

You’ve harmed yourself and loved ones

If you’ve resorted to physical violence while drunk and have hurt yourself or your loved ones, then finding an alcohol rehab in Sacramento is long overdue. Seek out help and treatment as soon as possible.

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