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4 Signs That A Homeowner Should Consider A Window Replacement In Petaluma CA

If a person lives in an old house, there is a chance that their windows are old as well. Unfortunately, old windows can create issues in the home. If a homeowner isn’t sure if it is time for a Window Replacement in Petaluma CA, there are a few signs that they should look for.

Window Panes That Are Yellow or Scratched

Older windows tend to have a yellow tint. Regardless of how often the homeowner washes the windows, the tint won’t come out. This is just a side effect of old window panes. Also, older window panes tend to have small scratches throughout the old pane. This can make it difficult for the homeowner to get a crisp, clear view outside. If the panes are yellow or scratched, it is time to replace the windows.

Drafty Windows

If the homeowner sits beside a window on a cold day and they feel a draft, it is time to replace the windows. Older windows did not make the way that they are today. They aren’t energy efficient, and they don’t have the insulation that new windows have. The drafts caused by old windows can increase the homeowner’s heating costs greatly. If the homeowner wants to keep their monthly heating costs down, they should replace the windows

Weak or Broken Locks

If the homeowner tries to lock their windows and the locks don’t work, it is time to replace the windows. The locks on old windows are not as strong and secure as the locks on newer windows. If the homeowner wants to be sure that their home will be safe from intruders, they should replace their windows.

Hearing Excessive Noise From Outside

If the homeowner finds that the noise of the traffic outside can easily be heard from inside, they should consider replacing the windows. Not only will new windows muffle the sounds from outside, it will also muffle the sounds from inside, giving the homeowner more privacy.

If the homeowner notices any of the above issues with their windows, they should consider a Window Replacement in Petaluma CA. Not only will a window replacement solve the problem, they will also increase the value of the home.

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