3M Privacy Film Is a Great Product for Your Home or Office

3M film has one of the best warranties and longest comprehensive warranties in the window film industry. If you are a business owner, a 3M privacy film for glass will create a confidential setting. It is designed to be applied to the inside surface of windows. Contractors will simply measure and apply the film to any window you would like to increase privacy and security.

Hire a Professional

A 3M privacy film has an abrasion-resistant surface. This surface is designed to maintain a good appearance for much longer than other films. The company will back this longevity with a warranty. If you purchase 3M privacy film for glass online or in a store and apply it yourself, the warranty may be void. Typically, the warranty requires a certified and experienced professional to apply the film to the glass. Before you attempt a DIY project, you should understand that applying the film poorly can lead to bubbles and creases. It will make your window look bad, and you most likely will not benefit from the warranty.

Increased Privacy

A 3M privacy film will prevent onlookers from seeing inside the room. It will also reduce the damaging UV rays from entering and heating your home or office. If you live in an apartment or condo where people walk by your windows, a privacy film will reduce their ability to see into your home.

No Residue

It is easy to apply and remove without adhesive residues. When you hire a professional, they will be able to get the job done quickly without taking up much of your time in your busy day. If you decide to move, the film is easy to remove and does not leave an unattractive adhesive substance on your glass windows.

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