3 Types of Video Depositions

Depositions are a common step in the litigation process. Video depositions are a great way to record things that happen in the room that the stenographic record can’t record. For instance, body language, posture, tone of voice and visual cues. Video can also be helpful when your witness is using demonstrative exhibits to explain things to the jury. So, what types of video depositions are there?

Traditional Video Deposition

This is the standard head and shoulders view of the deponent. This can be anyone from the plaintiff, defendant, medical professional, insurance adjuster to expert witness. Many of these videos are used during the trial preparation process, mock juries or focus groups and even during trial as preservation testimony.

Picture in Picture Video Deposition

Picture in Picture technology allows you to show both the witness and documents or video simultaneously. Want to capture the reaction of your witness to a video as it plays? Picture in Picture allows the jury to witness the reaction of the witness as they view it. Having the documents and witness visible at the same time makes for a clean and easy to understand image to be shown in court.

Remote Video Depositions

Recording your remote depositions by a certified legal videographer in Lakewood CO gives you peace of mind that your video will be held to certification standards that make your video admissible to the court. This also ensures that all parties have a non-biased party recording the proceeding and making it available to all parties without conflict.

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