3 Reasons Why All on Four Implants are Right For You

Have you heard about All On 4 dental implants Chicago? If not, you and your dentist should discuss this option before you settle on any alternative to real teeth. There are a number of compelling reasons why people choose this solution. Here are three examples to get you started.

You Qualify Even if Individual Implants Are Out of the Question

Individual implants require strong bone. That’s because each one fills the sockets recently vacated by your real teeth. If you have experiences a loss of bone density, you may not be a candidate for individual implants. This is true even if you undergo procedures to reinforce the bone.

With an All on Four solution, bone density still matters but it’s easier to prepare you for the implants. Depending on the amount of bone density loss, you may not need any type of advance treatments in order to be fitted with them.

You Can Literally Have Teeth in a Day

Time is one factor that motivates many patients to learn more about All On 4 dental implants Chicago. If you need a replacement for all of your natural teeth, this one is easily the fastest. The process involves inserting four implants in the upper jaw and four in the lower jaw. A dental plate shaped to look like a perfect row of teeth is attached to each of the upper and lower sets. All of this can be done in a single day.

If you have the plates made in advance, the dental team can attach them the same day. If not, you can be fitted with a temporary set of plates and return a few days later to receive the permanent ones. In any case, you can walk in with no teeth and come out with what appears to be a complete set of healthy teeth.

No Worries About Anything Slipping Out of Place

Unlike dentures that must be held in place with some sort of adhesive, your All On 4 dental implants Chicago are firmly fixed in position. Smile as much as you like, go out to eat with no worries of the plates slipping, and in general treat the implants as if they were real. Rest assured they will not slip out of position.

Would you like to know more about All on Four implants? The team at Chicago Dental Arts is happy to help. Visit us at today and schedule a consultation. Once you see how simple this solution happens to be, considering any other alternative will be out of the question.

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