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3 Reasons to Leave Stain Removal to a Professional

Unless you have the entire home wrapped in plastic, stains on the carpeting or the upholstery will eventually occur. While there are over the counter products to try, there’s a better choice. Calling in a professional who knows how to manage the process of stain removal in Virginia Beach VA area is your best bet. Here are some reasons why this approach is right for your home.

Assessing the Material

What type of fiber or fiber blend is used for your upholstery or carpeting? Not everyone knows exactly how the material is made. When it comes to removing stains, this kind of information matters. The approach and resources used to remove the stain will vary based on the fiber or fibers involved. You can bet that a professional can examine the material, identify the fiber type and know what sort of cleaning products would work best.

Using a Solution That Won’t Discolor the Material

The selection of the right cleaning solution for a stain removal in Virginia Beach VA is important for several reasons. One that is of particular importance to most clients is that the removal does not discolor the upholstery or the carpeting. The last thing you want is a faded spot or some type of spot that happens to be darker than the rest of the material. A professional will know what solution will lift the stain and not change the look of the material at all.

The Application Matters Too

Even with using the right type of cleaning solution, there’s the matter of how to apply the product. Does the process for stain removal in Virginia Beach VA call for blotting the solution or should it be rubbed gently into the fiber? Should any type of brushing be used at all? A professional will know how to apply the product, if it should be allowed to set for a short time, and then how to successfully remove it along with the stain.

Don’t assume your upholstery or carpet is ruined because of a stain. Contact a professional and arrange for a service call. In many cases, the stain can be successfully treated and the material will look brand new.

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