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3 Purposes a Website Serves

Times have changed, significantly. Changes associated with technology have occurred more rapidly in the last five years alone. A website, for example, used to be a simple static page, or set of static pages, that were uploaded to the world wide web to disseminate information. Today, websites are responsive, used as a marketing and branding tool. Professionals are available to provide assistance. A Digital Marketing Agency usually offers Denver Web Design services including WordPress Website Design. They can walk you through the process after an initial consultation.

Here are three purposes a website serves, today.


Since consumers are searching for information online before they pay for a service or buy a product, an online presence helps your company get found. If you decide to upload a simple website to the internet, it acts as a placeholder that can be ranked by the search engines. Once it is sitting in cyberspace and indexed, it helps visitors understand your brand. Staying in charge of your brand’s image means that you deliver the intended message instead of it being delivered for you.


In addition to branding, a website can be designed to double as a marketing tool. This simply means that it is delivering your intended message and other relevant information. Maybe you are running a sale or holding a promotion and you would like to spread the information. A website helps you accomplish that feat.

Once your website is branding your company and acting as a marketing tool, the next step is to start converting visitors into buyers. Professionals who specialize in Denver Web Design can integrate a call to action in strategic areas as well as highlight promotions you are running at any given time. Then, you can maintain the new converts through company communications and social media.

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