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3 Fertilizer and Weed Control Landscaping Tips for Spokane Homeowners

Maintaining a healthy lawn and garden is a top priority for any Spokane homeowner. Two areas that befuddle most homeowners are weed control and fertilizers. If these two jobs are not managed properly, your lawn may turn into a desolate patch of dry soil. Here are three tips for controlling weeds and fertilizing your lawn.

Use Products that Do Both Jobs

Fertilizer and weed control products for Spokane landscaping jobs can be purchased as individual products or as a combined product. The combined products save you time and money. Speak with an experienced landscaping professional to find the best products for your lawn.

Stay Consistent

Weed control and fertilizers for lawns, gardens and plants should be performed as recommended in the product instructions. If you use these products too often or too little, the grasses, plants and flowers suffer and may die prematurely. Set aside enough time every week or month to focus on your lawn.

Count on the Professionals

If you are losing the battle for a healthy lawn, it may be time to bring in a professional who is experienced with fertilizing and weed control for Spokane landscaping projects. The landscaper evaluates your lawn and garden to determine what nutrients are needed and how to best control weeds. You can also set up a schedule with the landscaper to perform these tasks and save you time.

Learn More About Landscaping Fertilizers and Weed Control in Spokane

Spokane Pro Care specializes in weed control, fertilizing and landscaping for homes and businesses in Spokane. Call us today to learn more and schedule and appointment.

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