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2 Ways to Add Some Zing to Your Next New York Trade Show Display Rental

Trade show display rentals New York have proven to be more practical than buying a display. Even so, you’ve gotten into something of a rut with your rentals. Why not shake things up a little for your next show or convention? Here are two simple tips that will add a touch of freshness.

Go with a Different Background Color
You automatically focus on trade show display rentals New York with the same background color. One of the easiest ways to add a little spice is to choose a different color for the panels. Take a good look at the colors used in your company logo; is there a secondary color that you’ve never used for the display background before? Try it and see what you think.

Do Something Creative with the Lighting
You usually default to the overhead lights that illuminate the graphics hanging on the back panels. Why not get some additional lighting when you arrange one of those trade show display rentals New York? Lighting that calls attention to something you have resting on an easel or creates a cozy corner for guests to come and sit will add another dimension to the display.

There are more ways to enhance your display rental. Many of those strategies are simple touches that are easy to set up. Talk with a pro and see what can be done.

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