2 Components to Include in Your Diagnostic Center’s SOP Checklist

Will you be opening and operating a diagnostic service center? Will your center be contracting with various private medical practices for all their patients’ diagnostic needs? Are you now gathering all the necessary equipment and supplies to begin accepting patients and will need to also create an SOP (standard operating procedure) manual but are unsure what to include? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then here are two components to include in your SOP checklist.

Patient Information

One component you should include in your diagnostic center’s SOP checklist is patient information. This means including identifying information to ensure the patient receiving services matches their identification and insurance card. This is to help reduce claim submission errors and for the safety of the patient.

Procedural Information

Another component you should consider including is procedural information. Procedural information like the type of diagnostic procedure to be performed, route to be used, and special lab conditions are essential pieces of information to include to eliminate any procedural errors.

Customized Checklists

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