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Why Would Anyone Want Breast Reduction Surgery?

Everyone wants bigger boobs, right? Wrong. There are a lot of women who suffer because their breasts are so big that they cannot be comfortable. Women get breast reduction surgery for many reasons, but usually the motivation has to do with their health and well being. Breast implants are much more common, but breast reduction surgery is also popular and has changed the lives of many women for the better. If you’re considering breast reduction surgery, here are some of the reasons that most women have the procedure.

Want to Lose Weight but Can’t Exercise?

One of the major stumbling blocks for women who want to exercise in order to lose weight is that their breasts are simply too big for exercise. This is not typical for women who just want to lose a little bit of weight; it’s a problem for women who are very obese. No matter how big the sports bra, it’s unlikely that you’d ever be comfortable going running, jump roping, or even walking at a brisk pace. That means that it’s incredibly hard to find a kind of exercise that you can do, and if you’re not able to exercise, losing weight is going to be very hard. The cycle is broken when a women has breast reduction surgery and can finally do those exercises that she wanted to do without suffering from pain and discomfort, not to mention embarrassment or shame.

Back Pain

Another side effect of having especially large breasts, from a size DD and up, is that the weight can put extra strain on your back. Of course, the size that will cause pain has more to do with the relationship between the size of breast and the rest of the woman, but many women have breast reduction surgery because they’re tired of chronic back pain. It’s important to eliminate other potential causes of back pain before having breast reduction surgery, because the surgery is a serious one and comes with its own risks.

Can’t Sleep!

Women with very large breasts are in a very uncomfortable state all night long. Some women say that when they lie on their backs they can’t breathe because of the weight of their breasts. Others point out that lying on their stomach is never an option because it’s painful to lie down on your own breasts. And as for lying on your side, it can be comfortable for a little while, but not as comfortable as women sleep after a breast reduction surgery.

These are a few of the reasons that women opt for breast reduction surgery. Not all women have the same experience and not all women get breast reduction surgery for the same reasons. Talk to a plastic surgeon about your options and find out if breast reduction surgery is a good idea for you.

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