Why Speaking English is Important

Whether you are an exchange student or immigrant, knowing the English language is very important. You need to be able to communicate with people every day, if you do not know the common language it will be difficult to do so. There are many different benefits to speaking English, some of which you may not even realize.

Throughout the whole word when people of different countries, who speak different languages, come together they commonly will speak English. It is the most common language used among foreign speakers. During the colonial age, Great Britain expanded and so did the English language. People in New Zealand, India, Canada, Australia and many other nations speak the English language. It is also a common second language in countries such as Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Norway. Therefore, if you know English your opportunities in many other countries will expand.

Speaking English as a second language will make you bilingual; this will make for a great tool to market yourself in the ever increasingly competitive professional world. You will not only be more employable in the USA, but in many other countries as well. The USA is the world leader in economic development and technical innovation, so to get a job in any of these fields you need to know English.

English is the language of science and the Film Industry. If science is of interest to you, then speaking English is a must. It is based on the alphabet, so it is much easier to learn compared to some other languages like Chinese. You will have the opportunity to earn more money if you speak English. No matter your race or background, when joining the United States work force, it opens you up to many more options that you would not have otherwise.

Finally, English is a great language to pass on to your children. If they already are speaking it, then you will be able to communicate even better. If they do not know the language, by teaching it to them you will open up many doors for them. If you want to learn English as a second language, we can help. Visit our website here for more information.

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