Why Owner/Operators Are Turning To Commercial Trucks For Lease In Texas

by | Jul 19, 2016 | Automotive

When many people in Texas think of owner/operators in the trucking industry, they are thinking of the big 18 wheelers that are rolling down the interstates and highways all across the country. While this is a big commercial leasing market for these trucks, there are smaller box trucks and heavy duty trucks used all over the state that are also leased.

The choice to use commercial trucks for lease over purchasing a vehicle is a very smart decision for owner operators. This is particularly true of the small to large box trucks that may make thousands of miles a week with a combination of urban and rural driving.

New Truck at a Low Price

The types of commercial trucks for lease will vary between leasing services. Shopping around in Texas will help you to find the leasing company that is able to provide the type of truck you need for whatever you need to haul.

Look for a leasing company offering new models of trucks that are well-maintained and low mileage. This will help to reduce the risk of any type of downtime during the lease due to repairs or issues with the vehicle mechanically.

Since leasing will allow for a much lower monthly payment than a purchase, many owner/operators find they can upgrade to a newer model or to a larger vehicle that they could have afforded to buy. When this translates into a larger or more efficient way to haul goods, it also leads to an increase in work and income.

Tax Savings

While everyone should consult with his or her accountant or tax preparer about specifics for the business, lease vehicles can often be considered a business expense and therefore a write-off for tax purposes.

This can help to offset your earnings, helping to reduce the amount of taxes a business will pay. This is not the same if the trucking company takes out a loan to buy a truck and it becomes even more complicated if an individual takes out loan for a business purchase.

Another critical factor in choosing commercial trucks for lease is the ability to upgrade the vehicle as needed. If your business begins to grow, you can simply turn the existing lease truck in and select the size you need, ensuring you always have cargo capacity required for your customers and your business.

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