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Why do you need Intermediate Bulk Containers?

Intermediate bulk containers or IBCs are one of the most widely used storage options for shipment. Whether you are transporting bulk liquid or powders, these versatile containers come in handy. These are made with a built-in tap system that makes them easy for storing and dispensing. Furthermore, they are protected by a metal cage that facilitates the process of fork lifting. Intermediate bulk container manufacturers produce three broad categories- rigid, folding and flexible.

What are the common uses?

IBCs are used for storing and transporting of:

• Liquids and food items
• Solvents
• Sand and grains
• Chemicals and solvents
• Pharmaceuticals

Sometimes, these containers are also used in collecting rainwater for harvesting or drinking.

Why do you need these?

• Cost-effective- Shipping materials need expenditure for bulk shipping; therefore, the huge size of IBC can bring a lot of difference. These are designed to transport in bulk, enabling people to ship huge amounts of goods in one go.

• Easy to handle- The biggest advantage of using IBCs is that they are easy to handle, stack and maneuver. They can be picked up, moved and shifted to a new place. Stacking one on top of the other can be done effortlessly. The designs make warehouse workers maintain safety and create efficiency during operations.

• Reusable- IBC containers can be washed and reused again for shipment. Deep-cleaning is done to eliminate all residue of the previous bulk. This not only saves cost but also improves packaging materials’ sustainability.

• Durable-Intermediate bulk container manufacturers use lightweight and robust materials to build these items. It can resist adverse weather conditions, built watertight to prevent dangerous leaks and safe to store dairy products.

Besides these aforementioned benefits, IBCs have other perks, as well. Contact some reputable manufacturers and purchase these for easier shipping.

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