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Why Copyright Lawyers Matter and How to Hire Them

In a study reported by the Wall Street Journal and conducted by two law professors of the University of Carolina, results showed that trademark applications that were filed by trademark attorneys had a much better chance of getting approved, with a 60 percent success rate, over applications that were submitted without legal counsel and support.
That mean if you want your application approved the first time, you’ve got to have a copyright lawyer to help you out.

Intellectual Property Rights
One of your startup’s biggest assets might just turn out to be its intellectual property. This is especially true if your startup provides information services that deal or propose innovative and creative technologies that are going to reshuffle the deck the way Facebook and Google did.
With a lawyer who specializes in copyrights, you can take the necessary steps to ensure your trade secrets are protected. From drafting license agreements to defending your copyright, your lawyer will handle all these for you.

Hiring an Attorney
Before hiring an attorney, here are a few questions from the Entrepreneur to help you through the interview process:
1. How much experience have you got? How many years do they have in the industry. The more experience they have, the better their expertise and knowledge will be.
2. Do you have excellent connections? You need a lawyer who knows a bit of everyone so you won’t have to go to a different lawyer every time a legal issue comes your way.
3. Am I the only client you have in this industry? Who are the others? If your lawyer is familiar with your industry—say, a startup, in this case—that means he’ll be in a better position to help you. Just make sure he isn’t representing any of your competitors. You wouldn’t want any of your information to leak, especially not to your competitors.
4. Are your payment options flexible? Some lawyers give you a flat fee, others charge by the hour. Ask how much and what kind of payment arrangement your lawyer prefers. If it works for you too, then that’s a good starting point for a professional relationship between you two.
So there you have it, hiring tips and reasons for why you need a copyright lawyer in your business. If you want to keep your assets safe, start taking better steps to protect it. Hiring a copyright lawyer in Long Island like Dan Weglarz—who has the legal experience and expertise you need—is a good place to start.

Need the assistance of a copyright lawyer in Long Island? Dan Weglarz has the experience and legal know-how you need. Give him a call today!

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