When to See a Podiatrist in Racine, WI

by | Aug 2, 2017 | Health

Most people are referred to a Podiatrist in Racine WI by their primary care providers. There are some people who need to go the the podiatrist on a regular basis due to certain health conditions. Patients with gout, poor circulation, limited mobility, and diabetes have to have their feet monitored. A simple issue can become dangerous quickly.

Common Issues

The problem with certain conditions is that patients often have nerve damage in their lower extremities. They may not realize, for example, that there is a cut on the bottom of the left foot. They cannot feel it so the cut goes untreated. It may become infected, have particles embedded in it making it worse, or lead to other serious issues.

Diabetics and those with poor circulation will not heal properly if sugar levels are out of control or the circulation is terrible. Early intervention is critical. Most patients are instructed to inspect their feet often, but few take the time to get a mirror and check out the bottoms.

Toenails are also a common problem. Most diabetics have a podiatrist in Racine WI cut their toenails to avoid hang nails, cutting too close to the skin, or leaving a sliver that can become ingrown. Fungus or athlete’s foot on a person with gout can add to the pain and be difficult to treat.

Other Reasons to Visit

Referrals are made for stress fractures to the foot or ankle, pain in the arches of the feet, any deformities, adult flat foot, and hammer toes, among others. Adults can develop chronic pain if they have a job that requires walking or standing and as they get older.

Bunions and corns can form on the feet and cause pain and discomfort. Cushioning, orthopedic inserts or shoes, or surgery in extreme cases, are some treatment options. In most cases, these sources of pain can be avoided.

Wearing sensible shoes, moving toes and ankles while sitting for long periods, and practicing excellent posture when standing or walking can make a significant difference in the stress and pressure placed on the feet. Maintaining a healthy weight and regular exercise can help as well. Get more information on how to avoid foot problems by scheduling an appointment.

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